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Finding Our Groove

Thursday, 23 June 2011 by Captain Chris Sheeder
We seem to be finding our groove. Yesterday, our peaceful mid-morning troll was interrupted by a big blue explosion on the left short teaser. The 400 pound blue inhaled a Aloha Beauty (Aloha Lure) and then teased in to the second wave for an awesome switch. Ricardo proceeded to fight and subdue the fish after a 10 minute battle. By the way, Ricardo says if he has to fight any more fish here, he's coming back to Guatemala as the next Mike Tyson. We were eating lunch feeling pretty good about ourselves, when the day decided to get better. A 700 pound blue began cutting up our Polu Kai "Instigator" on the right long.

Fish are Showing Up in Gomera!

Friday, 3 June 2011 by Captain Chris Sheeder
Looks like the fish are showing up in Gomera. Seven boats went fishing today and nine fish were seen! We were eating lunch, of course, when ours showed up. The fish teased to the back of the boat as fast as we could wind, and for a second we had thought we lost him on the switch, but he was sitting there on the side of the boat waiting for me to put the bridge teaser back in the water. With a quick re-placement of the bait, the 200 pounder came completely out of the water to eat the mackeral! Cute little fish, but an awesome show. There were a few fish, over 500 seen today, but we were happy to start the season on the right foot. We'll be back out tomorrow, the action is too good!

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