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2015 Madeira Season Intro

Monday, 20 July 2015 by Tracy Epstein
Madeira Season 2015, Day 1 The fish have mostly been concentrated to the western point of the island. After a short run up to the wind line we set out our teasers. We'll be bait and switching for the next 5 days chasing the mens 30lb record. The previous record held by Stewart Campbell stands at 875, so we decided if the fish would not be a potential world record we'd pitch 130lb test instead. Our first bite came around 11 on our short bridge teaser a green Koya Poi dog. The fish looked in the 600lb class so we quickly switched her out on our 130 lure pitch. After a really lame bite we chased the fish down sea for 5 minutes only to have it finally come up jumping and throw the hook. Another few hours went by and we again raised a fish close to the same size on the same Koya lure. This fish made a half hearted attempt on the pitch as well and took a few yards of line before coming off. At the same time a slightly better blue came up on the right long a Koya 861 also in green.

Madeira 2015 Has Come!

Sunday, 19 July 2015 by
The Grander has been prepped, rigged and getting ready for what we're hoping will be another productive big blue marlin season in Madeira, Portugal. It has been quite some time since the last Madeira posting, but we're dialed in and preparing for some impressive days out on the water with our crew for this 2015 season!

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