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2 Blues and The Hang Over

Monday, 20 July 2009 by Tracy Epstein

Alright so this was our plan: head out of the harbor around 10 go catch Jessica her 7th blue of the season and get back in time to make the 4:00 showing of "The Hangover". So we wake up a little later than we wanted and don't leave the harbor till around 10:30.

Jess and I set out our Polu Kai pattern while Jonboy trolls us up the line towards the point. First pass on the point the wind line is already screaming in so we tack down the ledge. Shortly after starting the tack a blue pops up behind the XL Polu Kai Tubulation on the long corner. She tries it a few times unsuccessfully, until switching across the pattern to the Large Polu Kai Instigator on the short bait. One swipe and she knocks it out of the rigger. She disappears for a few seconds and shows up on the Large Polu Kai Instigator on the short rigger.

This time she engulfs the lure and starts screaming off line. Jess hops in the chair as jonboy turns us into a chase down sea. We chased her two miles down sea until she finally turned and starting making her way back towards the ledge, as if she was still hungry and looking for more mackerel. Both Jonboy and I never really thought the fish was that big so we couldn't figure out how she was pulling 55 pounds of drag in such a hurry. Jess did a great job considering she never had less than 50 pounds of drag on the fish during the fight. 45 minutes in and the leader finally came up. The fish was still lit up and swimming away strong on the surface. Jonboy did a great job staying right on her ass as we took her going away. We normally get our fish to turn so we can pull them up the side but this blue was dead set on swimming away. I finally managed to pop her up along the side while Jonboy drove ahead to swing her tail out and turn her around. We took some pictures and let her go guessing her to be easy 700.

A nice blue takes flight.
A nice blue takes flight.

Thinking we had more then enough time to keep fishing and still make our movie we set out two teasers and just two lures behind them.

As we trolled our way towards home, Jonboy and Jessica spotted a nice fish tailing on the surface. We made a tack up sea from the fish knowing that you usually never hook blues that you see on the surface but this blue had other plans. From 50 yards outside the pattern, she made a dead sprint towards the XXL Marlin Magic Ruckus on the short teaser. I quickly cranked the XL Polu Kai Tube towards the fish trying to get her to switch off the teaser. It took her a bit but she wheeled around and tried my lure in a couple of fantastic bites. She just wouldn't get herself over the top of the lure and I did something that I usually hate doing and I free spooled the reel in hopes of her grabbing the bait as it dropped back. By the grace of god it some how worked and she piled on the bait as I pinned her with 35 pounds of drag.
Tracy Epstein sets up another successful release.
Tracy Epstein sets up another successful release.

We were now hooked into our second fish and this one looked even bigger. She didn't do much and Jonboy got on her real quick. I was able to shoot a few good shots from the deck as the fish went into her first series of jumps. She went down for maybe 15 minutes but couldn't take the 60 pounds of drag Jess was putting on her. We were able to get the fish along side and remove the hook and send her on her way. We guessed she was in the 800 pound class.

After checking the clock we opted to troll it back to the barn so we could make our movie. I really don't think you ask for a better day than catching a 7 and an 8 and still make it back in time to watch a 4:00 show. Madeira is ridiculous.
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