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Beautiful Day, Lost One

Thursday, 18 June 2009 by Tracy Epstein

A PoluKai Large Instigator that got whacked by a Madeira Blue
A PoluKai Large Instigator that got whacked by a Madeira Blue
Finally woke up to a beautiful morning today. The sun was shinning and the wind had backed off to pretty much nothing. We headed out of the harbor this morning with high hopes. Yesterday's rain and wind had turned the ocean into a giant mess and the fishing suffered from it. Today we headed into the deep hoping to find some clean water and maybe figure out where the blues had swam off to. 12 miles out we came across a commercial tuna boat and they too were in search of fish. Some noise came from the radio and it sounded like the fish had come back to the inside, as two boats were hooked up in the same area. After hearing the news, we changed course and made our way towards shore. Within an hour of trolling in tight off Cabo Girao we raised a nice size blueon our short left XXL Ruckus teaser, this is the third fish in 4 days to try to eat this bait. After pulling the teaser away from the fish she made an attempt at the short Marlin Magic Super Dog then quickly switched over and ate the Large Polu Kai Instigator on the long corner. She came tight and ripped off 40 feet, just long enough for our friend Emilio to get the rod to the chair. The line stopped going off the reel so I continuted trolling the boat forward to see if we were still attached. Soon after I noticed the belly of the line swiming itself towrads the short rigger lure, the fish was trying to eat another bait. Emilio came tight on the blue and we were off to the races. She never jumped and took us into the backing before we knew it. We chased her down and closed the giant belly but as we came tight on her she was already gone. The lure came back with the trailing hook radically tweaked an obvious sign of a nose job. The blue never even knew she was hooked, hence why she tried to eat another lure while already having one attached. Though we didn't catch her we were excitied to see another nice blue. Hopefully tomorrow we will have better luck keeping the hooks in.

Tracy Epstein
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