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Broke the Losing Streak

Friday, 19 June 2009 by Jonboy Kelmer

Today we were pumped to get back out and see if we could keep the hooks in one after the last 4 unfortunate losses. Believe it or not, the gods were smiling on us. The wind was up out of the southeast which made for another uncomfortable day of trolling. We tacked off the east to get as far down as possible so the troll home would be in our favor.

Come 2 pm no one had any hookups but shortly afterward i heard the Katherine B call in a hook up to east of where i was by a few miles, so spirits were lifted once again.

Just short of 3 in the afternoon my phone rang but before i could turn to answer it there she was on the right rigger. A big bite and down tight on the Polukai Instigator. The fish sat in one spot and shook her head as we cleared the other lines. Once she settled, I turned to the same side and chased until we had the belly of line out and she popped up behind us in one giant explosion. Our angler did a great job picking up the slack and coming tight to the larger type blue marlin. Having not seen the fish in its entirety yet, I wasn't sure how big she was but I was on my toes just for the fact that we were still hooked to her. Backing and splashing our way through the chop we stayed close the her then finally we got to see what she was made of on a series of lunging jumps where she couldn't quite get all the way out of the water. I called her 800 right then hoping we could stay connected to the 5th fish for this particular angler. All this had transpired in 10 minutes and in another 3 the leader was to the hands of Tracy when she put on a little show coming back at the boat and seeing her length and depth, I could upgrade her to 850 without hesitating. After letting go once, Tracy got the leader back quickly and just then the hook pulled, and off she went. We had a great show and everyone was completely stoked with having caught such a fish that quickly. The angler did a great job as did my crew and we all felt a little taller for the day.

More good news to come, I hope.

Capt. Jonboy Kelmer
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