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Finished in the Boatyard, Getting Dialed

Sunday, 30 May 2010 by Jonboy Kelmer

Well, I'm finished in the boatyard and starting to get things dialed in for fishing. My crew, Bo Jenyns, will be arriving this coming friday then its off to the races for us.

The latest reports coming in from the boats that are fishing right now are sounding really good. Yesterday, the 29th, sounded like the best sign of fish to date. Of the 6 boats i heard from there were at least seven fish seen or hooked. The sizes seem to be average for the fish around here which is about 600 lbs. I haven't heard of any real big girls yet but there's a real good chance they are here too.

After looking at my log books for the last 3 seasons i have no record of this good of fishing this early in the year. The water temperature is hovering around 70 degrees but there have been some fluctuations of several degrees along the coastline which may be the effect of the current working and some upwellings on the ledges.

Rumor has it that fishing can be really good after a winter of bad weather. If the signs of life so far and the rumor holds true we could be in store for a better season than the last several years. I'm not trying to jinx us but I am really hoping for the best. I can't wait to get out there and start dragging some lures around myself. Good fishing to all and I'll be in touch.
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