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Four Shots at Blues, Got One

Saturday, 11 July 2009 by Tracy Epstein

We started the day as usual, putting the lures in the water right outside of the harbor. We made a couple tacks around out front and started to make our way to the the east when we raised a spearfish on our little Shimano Torium jigging set up that we have been running off the bridge. We only have a 7 inch Polu Kai bullet with a single 9/0 Mustad in the lure. The Spear made a few attempts before taking off.

An obstinate Blue estimated at 600 lb. is reluctantly snooted off the starboard side of the Grander
An obstinate Blue estimated at 600 lb. is reluctantly snooted off the starboard side of the Grander
Not 15 minutes later there was a huge boil on the same little lure. This time it looked nothing like a spearfish. Realizing there was a 600 pound blue trying to suck down the little bullet, I quickly grabbed the rod and reeled the lure away from the hot fish right on its tail. As soon as I passed the long rigger bait, the blue quickly switched off of my lure and launched herself onto the large Polu Kai tube. She took out maybe 20 yards before coming off. We tried hard to raise her again but she wouldn't come back to the spread.

Jonboy kept us trolling down the 100 fathom ledge towards Cabo Girao when another Blue exploded on the same Polu kai tube, this time getting stuck. The fish never took much line and did a few series of jumps, about 100 yards or so away from the boat. We got right on top of her fast and we were straight up and down with the double line almost out of the water. Our angler did a great job and managed to horse the blue to leader. I was able to get a few wraps before she pulled herself back down to her comfort zone. We spun circles on her for a few more minutes until the leader came up again. Though she wasn't the biggest fish we've caught, she made for a good pull on leader. Switching back and forth with her head digging straight down, it took some force to finally pop her up along the side. Jess got the snooter on her bill and she went nuts thrashing wildly until the snooter actually pulled free. We took some quick Photos and some how got the hook out before sending the very pissed off fish on her way.

We continued trolling down the ledge and found some piles of bait outside Ponta do Sol. A few passes around the bait and another nice blue exploded on the the short bait - XL Polu Kai Instigator. She took out a foot of line before pulling free. Next thing we know, she's all over the short rigger - large Polu Kai Instigator. The lure came out of the rigger and we were hooked into our second blue of the day. After getting all the lines cleared Jonboy turned and chased till we had gotten half of the top shot back in the reel. Without us even knowing the blue had switched directions and show jumped herself over the top of the main line and somehow cut herself free. When we wound the line to the boat we were missing about a 50 foot section in front of the double. The line was clean cut no chafe. She must have have pulled the line over the swivel to get a clean cut like that. Pretty disappointed in the fact that I'd just lost one of our hottest lures we continued trolling while morning our recent tragic loss. Luckily for us I had spare Instigator which I quickly rigged up.

A few hours later we raised yet another blue on the new Instigator I had just rigged up. She made half a dozen horrible attempts at eating the bait and finally swam off. We would see one other blue feeding on the surface but we weren't able to raise her in the spread.
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