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Hook Shy Blues

Tuesday, 7 July 2009 by Jonboy Kelmer

The wind had dropped off to pretty much nothing so we had the option to go west out towards the end of the island but we'd also heard the current had changed to a different direction than it had been the previous week. Figuring the current might not be right for the western end, we headed east to maybe get lucky around Cabo Girao.

We made some tacks in the morning outside the marina and raised what looked like a white marlin on the short Marlin Magic XXL Ruckus teaser. Jonboy pulled the teaser out of the water and the fish wheeled around and lined up right behind the XL Polu Kai tube on the short bait. The fish took one quick pass at the lure and pulled it out of the rigger taking about 20 yards of line before coming off. Neither Jonboy or myself could for sure I.D what type of billfish we had just raised. It was either a huge White marlin or one of the smallest blues to ever make its way to Madeira.

We trolled our way down the ledge towards Ponta do Sol where we started marking big schools of bait. Not 30 minutes after finding the bait we raised a big fish on the short rigger pulling the larger Polu Kai tube. She missed the lure completely and paddled herself up from behind and made multiple attempts to eat the lure. She finally swiped it out of the rigger and pulled out 50 yards before coming off.

Thoroughly disappointed, we kept trolling for maybe 500 yards when we raised another fish on the Large Polu Kai tube on the long rigger. This fish made the same half hearted attempts and wouldn't get herself over the top to actually eat the lure. After five or six lame trys at eating she swam off. As you'd imagine, everyone on board was pretty disappointed with the results.

After getting dogged by a few blues, one finally stuck
After getting dogged by a few blues, one finally stuck
We kept trolling the area and managed to raise yet another blue, this time on the same Marlin Magic XXL Ruckus on the short teaser. She stayed down deep and Jonboy teased the lure away making her light up from head to tail. With the teaser out of the water she spun around and piled on the short bait XL Polu Kai Instigator. This time the fish stayed stuck and gave our young angler a chance to finally get in the chair. The blue did most of her jumps away from the boat as most blues do and let us turn and chase her down.

Jonboy got us on top of her in under 15 minutes. She came up going away on the starboard side and as soon as I got her turned to go up the other side the hook came free making for an easy release. We guessed her to be in the 500 pound range not quite as big as the fish we'd seen earlier but still a really nice blue.

We trolled out the rest of the day with the no other bites.

Tracy Epstein
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