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Sigh, 0 for 3, Singing the Blues

Wednesday, 17 June 2009 by Jonboy Kelmer

Marlin Magic Lava Series Ruckus that felt the wrath of an estimated 600 lb. Blue
Marlin Magic Lava Series Ruckus that felt the wrath of an estimated 600 lb. Blue
Leaving the harbor today, the hopes were to possibly repeat the catch from the day before which was to catch a blue marlin. With the way the bite has been going, one fish would be great, little did we know we would have 3 chances to repeat yesterday. The wind had subsided but the seas were still up. A late start got us to the grounds just after noon but it wasn't very long before our first shot at a blue on a Marlin Magic Ruckus (lava series) on the long rigger. After the knockdown the lure was pulled back into position where it was immediately inhaled by a hungry 600 pounder. Everything was going good, lines were cleared, drag was screaming, then as sometimes happens, we came unglued. After almost a minute the hook pulled and we were 0 - 1. A few hours later while on the phone with the boss an explosion on the large Polu Kai Tubulation on the long corner quickly redirected my attention to the cockpit. Big hole bent pole is how it should happen. Lines cleared then the turn and chase as the fish ripped line off the Shimano Tiagra 130. We chased for 10 minutes without seeing the fish jump the first time. We were able to get straight up and down on the fish which lasted another 10 minutes until, after a number of head shakes by the fish, we came unglued for the second time. We figure it was a nose job (where the hook is hanging on the bill without being hooked properly) which can result in losing the fish when she gets her head pointed toward the boat. So now we're 0 - 2 on blue marlins over 500 lbs. Now we weren't sure how to feel, having had 2 bites in 3 hours, but spirits were still high from the action so far. On the troll back towards the barn we were all talking about the bites and how lucky and unlucky we had been. Just then, from the cockpit we hear, RIGHT TEASER which instantly got all eyes looking the same way. There, on the Polu Kai Depthcharge, was a blue that would easily go 600 lbs., looking for a meal. I pulled the teaser away with hopes that she would wheel around and eat the long corner but she disappeared only to reappear 15 seconds later on the short rigger, taking one good swipe at the Polu Kai Instigator and leaving us with our hands in the air in disgust wondering why we weren't hooked up. We circled back hoping for another shot but it was to no avail and ended our day shortly after that having seen 3 blues, getting 3 bites and going 0 - 3 for the day.Needless to say the day was a heartbreaker but with only a bit more luck we could have been heroes. Thats how it goes sometimes, all we can do is give it a go tomorrow and hope we run over some more hungry fish. This place is something special, 3 fish over 500 lbs in one day, i'll take it!

Capt. Jonboy Kelmer
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