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The Bite Continues - Dinosaur Blue

Sunday, 12 July 2009 by Jonboy Kelmer

After the day we had yesterday with 4 bites and catching 1, we couldn't wait to get on the water to see what might happen and happen it did.

The first fish we raised was a 450 that piled on the short rigger bait which happened to be a large Polukai Instigator skirted in green vinyl. After the initial bite, the fish decided to get away from us as fast as possible and we were into the backing before we knew it. A quick turn and chase the line was on the reel and we got the fish in short order and made a clean release after a 20 minute battle. That action was before lunch so we had a good reason to chow down for bit.

The day continued on uneventfully until about 4 pm when, after marking some bait on the ledge, I made a circle and what looked like a 747 showed up behind the right long and just inhaled the Polukai Tubulation with blue vinyl. The line however never came tight. The angler made it to the chair but the line still wasn't tight. I continued ahead at trolling speed for a moment longer until I realized the fish was trying to eat the other rigger as Tracy was clearing it to the boat. She did get it in her mouth for a moment and in that instance she jumped over the teaser 60 ft off the stern of the boat and showed her whole size. Our immediate guess was that she weighed in excess of 800 lbs. We got everything clear and the chase was on, but she never really went anywhere. We stayed close and were able to get some good jumping pics as we retrieved the line back. The entire fight lasted 25 minutes till we were able to get the leader. After a handful of wraps the hook pulled and off she swam. Our final guess was 850+ but 900 is probably a closer guess (see below). I hope the pictures give you a good idea of what we were dealing with.

Right now the fishing is as good as it gets here and I feel extremely lucky to be in the right place at the right time. It doesn't happen like that very often.

Could it be a grander? We'll never know, so we'll just call her 850+ to be safe.
Could it be a grander? We'll never know, so we'll just call her 850+ to be safe.
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