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Tipo de Guía
AFTCO Roller Guides (1)
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80-Unlimited (1)
Calstar fishing rods and blanks have "set the standard" for serious saltwater anglers worldwide. Strength, durability, and performance to catch serious fish—Calstar! From the rugged dependability of our "West Coast" series to the lightweight strength of our composite "Graphiters", Calstar Rods provide you the angler with the tool you need to get the job done! Choose Calstar- The serious anglers 1st. choice. Calstar's founder Leon Todd has dedicated his life to building quality fiberglass and composite fishing rods and blanks. From his early years at Roddy Rods, to his days of designing rod blanks for California Tackle (Sabre) and now as owner of Calstar, Leon's primary market has been the discriminating saltwater angler. When anglers worldwide need the best, they come to Calstar. Leon listens to his angling customers and makes changes and adds new models to his line to continuously improve and provide the customer with the product that meets their needs. Leon credits the many outstanding professionals as well as thousands of fine anglers in the Southern California area for their input and support. Leon, together with Pat have assembled a high performance team of craftsman to build the angler, an unmatched level of quality and performance in rods and rod blanks. Calstar products carry a lifetime warranty to help you create a lifetime of memories!
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Calstar Grafighter Tuna Rods
$414.99 - $472.99
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