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Woody Wax
Woody Wax is designed to be a product that is so easy, quick, and effective to use, that it can be applied often, always leaving your boat looking 100% and confident that it is protected the same. With Woody Wax I'm able to treat the brightwork on my Venture 34 in less than an hour (versus 8 -10 hours the old way). I rarely use soap on my boat. My fiberglass and decks get waxed with the swipe of a deck brush, (which also puts corrosion protection on all the screws, hinges, and hardware that rarely got treated before), leaving an impenetrable non-slick deck that resists stains and looks fantastic. My dock box used to be full of half empty waxes, metal polishes, corrosion blockers, and abrasive deck cleaners, which are all no longer necessary with this one product. Just about everything on my boat has benefited from Woody Wax. Woody Wax is quick, easy, and effective - let it work on your boat instead of you. You won't be disappointed! - John "Woody" Cronin
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Woody Wax Ultra Gloss Compound
$32.99 - $59.99
Woody Wax Ultra Pine Boat Soap
$18.99 - $59.99
Woody Wax Metal Sealer
$21.49 - $133.99
Woody Wax
$25.99 - $102.99
Woody Wax CPR System Kit
$44.99 - $53.99
Artículos 1 a 9 de 9
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