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Abel Money Clip by M-Clip
Painted Dorado M-Clip
Marlin Engrave M-Clip
Marlin Engrave M-Clip
Striped Bass Engrave M-Clip
Striped Bass Engrave M-Clip
Dorado Engrave M-Clip
Tuna Engrave M-Clip

Abel Money Clip by M-Clip

We are pleased to introduce the Abel Money Clip by M-Clip. The American made M-Clip holds several U.S. patents and is widely considered the finest money clip on the market today and as a result of their strategic partnership with Abel, they are now available with fish engravings or exclusive hand-painted patterns, sure to please any angler.

Each engraved M-Clip is laser etched with incredible attention to detail. Each fish pattern money clip is a striking one of a kind piece, hand assembled by M-Clip and painted individually by the artists at Abel Reels.

Polished Stainless Steel heat tempered spring, CNC Machined/Hand polished/assembled and Neoprene rubber grip pads ensure that your Abel Money Clip by M-Clip will look and function just like the day you bought it.

The Abel Money Clip by M-Clip is available in two sizes; Standard and XL/High Roller. The Standard Abel M-Clip holds approximately ten bills and 5 credit cards. Next, we offer the XL/High Roller size. From time to time we have a customer who needs the ability to lug along more cash than the average person - a problem very foreign to all of us here. For this very unique individual, we have the ultimate solution, The High Roller money clip. This particular money clip allows you to carry over twice as much as the standard design.

Each Abel Money Clip carries a lifetime guarantee to never lose spring tension or stretch open.

500202 Painted Dorado M-Clip Dorado Standard $174.99
500204 Marlin Engrave M-Clip Azul Standard $79.99
500205 Marlin Engrave M-Clip Negro Standard $79.99
500209 Striped Bass Engrave M-Clip Azul Standard $79.99
500210 Striped Bass Engrave M-Clip Negro Standard $79.99
500213 Dorado Engrave M-Clip Azul Standard $79.99
500197 Tuna Engrave M-Clip Negro Standard $79.99
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Abel Money Clip by M-Clip
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