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Black Bart Crooked Island Candy

Black Bart Crooked Island Candy

The Black Bart Crooked Island Candy makes for the best Wahoo fishing you ever experienced, high speed, and any speed, this is the one and only, the very best Wahoo lure ever. Troll Crooked Island Candy on 400 lb+ mono or cable leader, hook size should be 11/0. You can troll this deep swimming flash & glow heavy weight Wahoo lure along with its other three family members, San Sal Candy or Rum Cay Candy or add to the line up the Wahoo Candy lure and you will have a Wahoo spread that will please you beyond any spread you may have ever tried. From the very first day you should see and realize the advantage you will have gained by trolling these dangerously perfect Wahoo lures. ENJOY!!!

*Click on the magnifying glass icon for skirt options.

CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Material de Cabeza Longitud Clase de Liñea Preparación Sugerido PRECIO Falda Exterior Falda Interior CANTIDAD
446084 Black Bart Crooked Island Candy Lexan 14" 30-130 lb. 11/0 DHCRL $59.99
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Black Bart Crooked Island Candy
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