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Bob Lewis Kite Hunter Fishing Kites

Bob Lewis Kite Hunter Fishing Kites

The traditional Bob Lewis Fishing Kites have an updated look to them, with a new fabric weave! These new kites fly better than ever, available in 4 new colors!

Bob Lewis Kite Hunter Fishing Kites. You may never have heard of fishing kites before or you may be an old pro. Either way you can find what you need with these various Bob Lewis Kites. Available in Xtra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Xtra Heavy, and Gale Force for various wind speeds.

The Xtra Light Wind Kite works best on those very light wind days, from 4.5-9mph, and you still want to keep your bait away from your boat and on the surface where you want it. The light weight struts and fabric help this kite catch what little wind is there.

The Light Wind Kite is ideal for light wind days, with 7-12mph winds.

The Medium Wind Kite is your best choice for an all around kite. It flies best in 10-18mph winds but will handle heavier gusts with ease.

The Heavy Wind Kite works great on those 15-20 mph days when the fish really seem to bite!

The Extra Heavy Wind Kite is ideal when the wind is blowing 20mph plus, this is the kite you want. The four holes in this kite and the specialized fabric help spill the wind so your kite flies steady in these heavy gusty wind conditions.

They Gale Force Wind Kite is awesome if you're a die hard fisherman, or, for those tournament days when you have to go out, even though it's blowing 30mph or more, this is the kite you need. The extra strong struts, special fabric, and 8 holes help this kite spill the wind and fly steady in the strongest winds.

900600 Bob Lewis Kite Hunter Xtra Light 100XL Fishing Kite Wind Speed: 4.5 - 10mph $114.99
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Bob Lewis Kite Hunter Fishing Kites
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