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Bob Lewis Kite Pins
Bob Lewis 2 Pin Kite Pin Set
Bob Lewis 3 Pin Kite Pin Set
Bob Lewis Snap On Kite Pin
Bob Lewis Primo Kite Pin Kit

Bob Lewis Kite Pins

Meltontackle.com is proud to offer Bob Lewis Kite Pins.

Bob Lewis Kite Pin - Feed your kite line through both holes on the pin, with the large end closest to your kite reel. Use the round silver knob on the side of the pin to adjust the amount of pressure needed to release the clip.

Bob Lewis Kite Pin Sets - These predrilled pins make it easy for you to make your own kite line. Space your swivels approximately 75-100 feet apart (distance is a personal preference) on your kite line with the smallest swivel going on last, closest to your kite. Thread your pins on before you tie on your snap swivel with the smallest pin hole going on last.

Snap On Kite Pin - When you want to quickly add a pin in front of a swivel on your kite line this is a great solution. Just remove one end of the wire and squeeze the line between the crossed wires into the opening. Snap the wire back into the end of the release pin. To remove, just reverse the process. The pack comes with a spare wire.

The Primo Kite Pin Kit - The fastest way to add a pin to your kite line. Just squeeze the spring until the hook appears, then slide the line under the hook and release the spring. The kite line should be tight under your hook. You can place the pin anywhere on the kite line that you need it.

900606 Bob Lewis Kite Pin 1 Kite Pin $9.99
900607 Bob Lewis 2 Pin Kite Pin Set 2 Pin Set with Swivels $24.99
900608 Bob Lewis 3 Pin Kite Pin Set 3 Kite Pin Set with Matching Swivels $29.99
900609 Bob Lewis Snap On Kite Pin 1 Snap On Kite Pin $16.99
900610 Bob Lewis Primo Kite Pin Kit 1 Primo Kite Pin Kit $19.99
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Bob Lewis Kite Pins
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