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Dolphin Electreel w/Shimano Tiagra Teaser Combo

Dolphin Electreel w/Shimano Tiagra Teaser Combo

Melton Tackle Teaser Rods are designed to aid in the swift recovery of teasers, planers, and dredges. They can also be used with electric reels. Teaser rod features an AFTCO swivel top and stripper with an 80 lb. class detachable curved butt. Measuring less than 4 ft, our Teaser Rod keeps your teaser lines well out of the way of your main lines and are easy to "stash" once the lines have been cleared. Melton Deep Drop Rods are built with AFTCO guides, tops, and detachable aluminum curved butts. They are fitted with an AFTCO swivel top to keep the line from wrapping.

Matched with the power of a Dolphin Electric Tiagra 80W it's the perfect marriage of technology and sport, fishing has never been so simple.
  Dolphin Electreel w/Shimano Tiagra Teaser Combo

CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Handle/Butt Clase de Liñea Fuente de poder Longitud de Caña PRECIO CANTIDAD
333373 Dolphin Electreel w/Shimano Tiagra 80W Teaser Combo Curved Butt 80 lb. 12V 4' $3569.99
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Dolphin Electreel w/Shimano Tiagra Teaser Combo
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