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Eagle Claw L2022 Circle Sea Hooks

Eagle Claw L2022 Circle Sea Hooks

Eagle Claw L2022 Circle Sea Hooks. Finish Platinum Black, Circle Sea, Wide Gap, Offset, Ringed Eye, and Heavy Wire. The Eagle Claw Fishing Innovation is comprised of Lazor Sharp Circle Hooks. This functionally shaped fishhook results in more fish being hooked. Anglers are learning that the Circle Sea is catching 60% more fish than conventional J shaped hooks, including a 95% lip hook rate so the fish cannot escape. The Circle Sea hook is scientifically proven to reduce fish mortality. Hook set is not required. This hook has greater holding power, more hook-ups, fewer drop-offs and it holds bait better. Ideal for all freshwater and saltwater species. Made in USA: Lazer Sharp hooks have been built in America for over 20 yrs. The only American made fishhook is still being turned out by the millions at the factory location in Denver, Colorado. American-made hooks built by American anglers for the world market. Circle Hook Research: Circle hooks are fast becoming the hooks of choice for many applications. LAZER SHARP is the world leader in circle hook design. By design, the circle hook will rotate into the fish's mouth and slide into the corner of the jaw, even if originally swallowed. Fight the fish as you normally do and enjoy a very high percentage of hook-ups! Sold in packs of 5 and 4.

317406 Eagle Claw L2022 Circle Hooks 6/0 5 $5.99
317407 Eagle Claw L2022 Circle Hooks 7/0 5 $5.99
317408 Eagle Claw L2022 Circle Hooks 8/0 5 $5.99
317409 Eagle Claw L2022 Circle Hooks 9/0 4 $5.99
317410 Eagle Claw L2022 Circle Hooks 10/0 4 $5.99
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Eagle Claw L2022 Circle Sea Hooks
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