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Hand Carved Ivory Fish Hook Necklaces

Hand Carved Ivory Fish Hook Necklaces

Reflecting the relationship that the Hawaiians have with the ocean, these Ivory Fish Hook Necklaces can be found hanging around the necks of the world’s very best anglers, captains and mates. Hand-carved from fossilized ivory walrus tusk by master lure maker Gary Eoff, each fish hook necklace is meticulously hand-crafted in traditional “Hawaiian-style”, replicating fish hooks used by the ancient Hawaiian fishermen. Hook sizes and styles of the fish hook necklaces vary from piece to piece, ivory thickness increases as physical size increases. Fish Hook Necklaces are shown left to right (Giant, Large, Medium, Small).

The necklaces available on our site are hand crafted from fossilized ivory walrus tusks. The Walrus is protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. The ivory is from animals that have died from natural causes. NO ANIMALS were hunted for this ivory. The tusks are found by Alaskan Natives and dug up from the ground under strict government regulation. Alaskan Natives can only excavate on their lands during a few months of the year.

PLEASE NOTE: The length of the Fish Hook Necklaces may vary, as these are hand made items.

268001 Hand Carved Small Ivory Fish Hook Necklace 1.5" x .74" 11" $99.99
268002 Hand Carved Medium Ivory Fish Hook Necklace 2" x 1" 11" $189.99
268003 Hand Carved Large Ivory Fish Hook Necklace 2" x 1.375" 11½" $249.99
268004 Hand Carved Giant Ivory Fish Hook Necklace 2.75" x 1.625" 12" $399.99
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Hand Carved Ivory Fish Hook Necklaces
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