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Okuma Makaira Lever Drag Reels
Okuma Makaira MK-30II Lever Drag Reel
Okuma Makaira MK-8II Lever Drag Reel
Okuma Makaira MK-16II Lever Drag Reel

Okuma Makaira Lever Drag Reels

Okuma Makaira Lever Drag Reels was constructed with Design, Drive, Drag, and Durability in mind. The specialized carbon Dual Force Drag system used on all Makaira reels was specifically engineered to be mounted in the right side of the spool in order to bring all the mechanical workings closer together to maximize alignment and durability. The farther mechanical parts are separated the more opportunity there is for tolerance error and flexing which causes parts alignment issues. The DFD principal was specifically designed around the "Pull Bar Drag System". The major advantage to this system is that the drag is being pulled rather than pushed. The most common type of lever drag in the industry is the "Push Bar Drag System", which places heavy pressure on the left side plate and utilizes the frame for overall stability, which is a fatal flaw in this design. This pressure creates frame flex, reducing drag pressure and causing tolerance alignment issues. This problem is further exaggerated on open top designs from other companies. One of the major benefits to the pull bar design is that there is no pressure placed on the frame. Therefore, our open top frame designs will not suffer frame flex found in our competitors reels.

CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Detalles Gear Ratio - High Gear Ratio - Low Recuperación de Liñea-Alta Recuperación de liñea- despacio Freno Máximo Max Drag at Strike Topless Frame Peso PRECIO CANTIDAD
879097 Okuma Makaira MK-8II Lever Drag Reel 4BB+1TB 4.7:1 2.1:1 33.5" 15.0" 34 lb. 27 lb. Si 26.1 oz. $459.99
879099 Okuma Makaira MK-16II Lever Drag Reel 4BB+1TB 4.3:1 1.3:1 39.2" 11.8" 44 lb. 32 lb. Si 40.0 oz. $499.99
879073 Okuma Makaira MK-30II Lever Drag Reel 4BB+1TB 3.8:1 1.7:1 39.4" 17.5" 55 lb. 37 lb. No 50.0 oz. $519.99
879075 Okuma Makaira MK-50WII Lever Drag Reel 4BB+1TB 3.2:1 1.3:1 37.8" 15.3" 85 lb. 60 lb. No 65.0 oz. $619.99
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Okuma Makaira Lever Drag Reels
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