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Original Witchdoctor Mirrored Teaser
Original Witchdoctor Mirrored Teaser
Original Purple Witchdoctor Mirrored Teaser

Original Witchdoctor Mirrored Teaser

The Witchdoctor is widely accepted as the best fish exciter for all trolling applications ever produced. At all trolling speeds the "Doctor" stays deep below the prop wash. A proven big fish raiser, the "Witchdoctor" attracts fish into your pattern with its erratic swimming action and mirrored flash. The Witchdoctor throws off a lightning flash visible in all directions. It never comes to the surface to interfere with trolling lines. Absolutely necessary for the tournament fisherman. Remember that this teaser will attract fish directly to itself. It is critical to ensure that a bait or lure be placed in close proximity to your Witchdoctor.

*The Original Witchdoctor Mirrored Teaser is shown with the Teaser Tow Cable (sold separately).

546999 Original Witchdoctor Mirrored Teaser $159.99
546998 Original Purple Witchdoctor Mirrored Teaser $159.99
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Original Witchdoctor Mirrored Teaser
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