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Owner Saltwater Double Hooks

Owner Saltwater Double Hooks

Owner Saltwater Double Hooks, 3X strong and super sharp, is designed for a variety of blue water applications, including use as a replacement hook for jigs and plugs. This is the hook that comes rigged on all Shimano Waxwing lures. Unlike trebles, double hooks can be quickly rigged onto a lure without a split ring. Features include forged shank, high-deep gaps for less flex during hook sets, super needle points, and a vacuum-tinned corrosion-resistant finish.

CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Tamaño de Anzuelo Artículos de Paquete Modelo PRECIO CANTIDAD
314272 Owner Saltwater Double Hooks 2/0 4 5642-129 $6.99
314273 Owner Saltwater Double Hooks 3/0 4 5642-139 $6.99
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Owner Saltwater Double Hooks
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