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Seeker Black Steel Live Bait Rods

Seeker Black Steel Live Bait Rods

When you are fishing with a Black Steel Rod in your hands you are telling your fellow anglers you are fishing with “The Best of the Best”. Seeker’s Black Steel Rods were designed by Randy Penny to produce maximum lifting power with a faster recoil. These Rods have caught 300 Lb. Yellowfin Tuna, 1,200 Lb. Marlin, 600 Lb. Bluefin Tuna, 300 Lb. Halibut and world record Albacore and Sturgeon. Shouldn’t your next rod be a Seeker Black Steel. We at Seeker are very proud to say these rods are 100% Made in the U.S.A. With 48 models to choose from 12 Lb. to 130 Lb. their is a rod for every application. These rods are triple wrapped using Perfection Tip Titanium Nitride guides with a Gold Carbide Tip Top. Live bait rods have a Graphite reel seat, Tuna rods feature Aftco black roller guides and a Perfection Tip Co. aluminum 6061-T6 reel seat. ALL MODELS FEATURE SEEKER'S LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA Seeker Rods are recommended by Frank Lo Preste, owner of the world famous long range boat Royal Polaris.
  Seeker Black Steel Live Bait Rods

CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Blank #'s Clasificación de Liñea Longitud de Caña PRECIO CANTIDAD
201610 Seeker Black Steel G 660XF-6' Extra Fast Action Live Bait Rod CJB60XF 15-25 lb. 6' $243.99
201611 Seeker Black Steel G 665F-6 1/2' Extra Fast Action Live Bait Rod CJB65F 15-30 lb. 6'6" $261.99
201601 Seeker Black Steel G 196-7' Live Bait Rod CLBF704 10-15 lb. 7' $239.99
201602 Seeker Black Steel G 270-7' Live Bait Rod CLBF706 12-20 lb. 7' $241.99
201603 Seeker Black Steel G 870-7' Live Bait Rod CLBF708 15-25 lb. 7' $259.99
201604 Seeker Black Steel G 970-7' Live Bait Rod CJB70F 20-30 lb. 7' $267.99
201605 Seeker Black Steel G 670-7' Live Bait Rod CJBF70M 25-40 lb. 7' $279.99
201606 Seeker Black Steel G 196-8' Live Bait Rod CLB804 12-20 lb. 8' $262.99
201607 Seeker Black Steel G 270-8' Live Bait Rod CLB804 15-25 lb. 8' $263.99
201608 Seeker Black Steel G 270H-8' Live Bait Rod CLB806H 15-30 lb. 8' $267.99
201609 Seeker Black Steel G 980-8' Live Bait Rod CJB80F 20-30 lb. 8' $294.99
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Seeker Black Steel Live Bait Rods
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