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Seeker Hercules Jigging Rods

Seeker Hercules Jigging Rods

Seeker Hercules Jigging Rods were built for the East Coast and have become a great success for deep jigging with a 200lb. Blue Fin Tuna to their credit and 100lb. plus Amberjack, and will prove to be victorious in the West Coast as well. Seeker Hercules Rods are super lightweight rods and extremely powerful!

The Hercules Jigging Rods are built for light weight and strength. These extreme duty rods, feature the slow action required for deep water jigging and the latest American Tackle, "Virtus" Ring Lock, Solid Titanium frame Guides, that are 60% lighter than Stainless Steel, better protect the incredibly strong Nanolite rings and eliminate corrosion. The guide wraps are black over metallic gray underwrap with silver trim bands. The Reel Seats and Gimbals are either a Composite or gun metal gray Aluminum, are are combined with Black EVA grips.
  Seeker Hercules Jigging Rods

CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Blank #'s Clasificación de Liñea Longitud de Caña PRECIO CANTIDAD
201072 Seeker Hercules SHS-60H Jigging Rod GTS-60H 40-80 lb. 6' $326.00
201073 Seeker Hercules SHS-60XH Jigging Rod GTS-60XH 50-100 lb. 6' $331.99
201069 Seeker Hercules SHS-70L Jigging Rod GTS-70L 15-30 lb. 7' $323.99
201070 Seeker Hercules SHS-70M Jigging Rod GTS-70M 30-60 lb. 7' $331.00
201071 Seeker Hercules SHS-70H Jigging Rod GTS-70H 40-80 lb. 7' $361.00
200973 Seeker Hercules SHS-70XH Jigging Rod GTS-70XH 50-100 lb. 7' $378.99
201076 Seeker Hercules SHS-80 Jigging Rod GTS-80 15-30 lb. 8' $381.99
201077 Seeker Hercules SHS-80H Jigging Rod GTS-80H 30-60 lb. 8' $391.99
201078 Seeker Hercules SHS-90 Jigging Rod GTS-90 15-30 lb. 9' $412.99
201079 Seeker Hercules SHS-90H Jigging Rod GTS-90H 30-60 lb. 9' $431.99
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Seeker Hercules Jigging Rods
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