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Seeker Super Seeker Rail Rods

Seeker Super Seeker Rail Rods

Seeker fishing rods is proud to announce the release of the long awaited Super Seeker Rods and Blanks. We believe that these are simply the very best blanks produced incorporating the latest technology in materials with a "Classic Look". Our new American Titanium frame guides with Nanolite inserts are 100% corrosion resistant (no welds, 100% Titanium). The reel seats are 6061-T6 Aluminum black hard anodize. The AFTCO black and gold stripper roller guide is a big foot for better alignment of line coming off the larger reels. Triple wrapped guides with the Titanium frame reduce finish cracking. Cork tape rods have the Diamond shrink tubing over cork tape with Turks Head Knot to increase the cosmetics of these rods.

CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Blank #'s Tipo de Guía Clasificación de Liñea Longitud de Caña PRECIO CANTIDAD
200932 Seeker Super Seeker SS 6463XXH-6 1/4' AR Stand Up Rod SS-CTSF63XXH AFTCO Roller Guides 60-100 lb. 6'3" $523.99
200934 Seeker Super Seeker SS 6463XXXH 6 1/4' AR Stand Up Rod SS-CTSF 63XXXH AFTCO Roller Guides 80-130 lb. 6'3" $542.99
200936 Seeker Super Seeker SS 6463XXXXH-6 1/4' AR/WO Stand Up Rod SS-CTSF63XXXXH Guías de Wind-On 80-150 lb. 6'3" $634.99
201074 Seeker Super Seeker SS 1X3-7'C Stand Up Rail Rod SS-1X3 Titanium Frame Guides 60-100 lb. 7' $499.99
201068 Seeker Super Seeker SS 2X4-7'C Stand Up Rail Rod SS-2X4 Titanium Frame Guides 60-130 lb. 7' $554.99
201075 Seeker Super Seeker SS 3X5-7'C Stand Up Rail Rod SS-3X5 Titanium Frame Guides 80-130 lb. 7' $559.99
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Seeker Super Seeker Rail Rods
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