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Shimano Spheros SW Reels
Shimano Spheros SP5000SW Reel
Shimano Spheros SP6000SW Reel
Shimano Spheros SP8000SW Reel
Shimano Spheros SP10000SW Reel

Shimano Spheros SW Reels

With its known durable design to handle the salt, the new Spheros SW spinning reels offer even more angler confidence with new Shimano 'SW Concept’ features. In sizes for off the beach, inshore action, and blue water use.

• X-Ship for enhanced durability and effortless retrieve
• X-Shield provides extreme water resistance in all critical locations
• Cold-forged CF Gear provides even more durability

Gear system achieves greater power transmission efficiency by minimizing the rotational resistance through a larger gear, optimum positioning and improved tooth face accuracy and bearing capacity. The rigidity of components such as the handle, rotor and bail are enhanced to eliminate power loss resulting from flexing and distortion. The synergy generated by X-SHIP and rigidity of components allows more direct cranking without loss of power at the handle, proving great advantages for extreme saltwater fishing.

By providing dependable sealing structures and gaskets at necessary points throughout the reel, X-SHIELD is able to block water intrusion. This protection provides high reliability and durability when SPHEROS SW is used in extreme fishing conditions.

Shimano CF Gear
Shimano is a global leader in cold forging processes and technology. To deliver the toughness and performance level required by saltwater anglers, we utilizing our cold forging technology to deliver a gear with incredible structural strength that provides the best protection against abrasion and damage.

All Shimano Spheros SW Reels ARE IN STOCK & SHIPPING!

226511 Shimano Spheros SP5000SW Reel S A-RB Ball Bearings: 4; Roller Bearings: 1 4.6:1 22 lb. 18.0 oz. $199.99
226512 Shimano Spheros SP6000SW Reel S A-RB Ball Bearings: 4; Roller Bearings: 1 4.6:1 22 lb. 19.0 oz. $199.99
226513 Shimano Spheros SP8000SW Reel S A-RB Ball Bearings: 4; Roller Bearings: 1 4.9:1 27 lb. 22.0 oz. $219.99
226514 Shimano Spheros SP10000SW Reel S A-RB Ball Bearings: 4; Roller Bearings: 1 4.9:1 27 lb. 23.0 oz. $219.99
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Shimano Spheros SW Reels
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