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Stuart Z-Butt Adapters

Stuart Z-Butt Adapters

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Stuart Z-Butt Adapters allow anglers to match up rods and butts of different diameters. This flexibility has never been available before. Want to take an existing 50 lb. butt and put it on a 30# rod? How about a 130 lb. Bent Butt (with 130 lb. Reel) on an 80lb. rod? Not a problem with a Stuart Z-Butt adapter. Jump up one size on all aluminum butts from manufacturers like AFTCO, Stuart, American Tackle, Batson, and Pacific Bay. The beauty of this rugged adapter is especially good for traditional 80 & 100 lb. line class stand-up rods that were originally fitted with #2 (most common) aluminum butts. This No. 2 to No. 4 adapter enables the angler to easily install for example, a #4 Short or Short Curved butt to his rod. The larger handle holds big reels better and is easier to grasp with its larger diameter. While we think this is a very good item to jump up one size, we do not recommend that the angler uses two adapters on the same rod. Further, we caution those that do use these fittings to remember that with larger butts in fighting chairs that tremendous force can be applied. We recommend using caution and warn that not all rod blanks are rugged enough for this kind of adaptation.

*Please call us before ordering if you have any questions about this product or its usage.

200767 Stuart Z-Butt Adapters $39.99
200768 Stuart Z-Butt Adapters $42.99
200769 Stuart Z-Butt Adapters $45.99
200770 Stuart Z-Butt Adapters $49.99
200771 Stuart Z-Butt Adapters $49.99
200772 Stuart Z-Butt Adapters $54.99
200773 Stuart Z-Butt Adapters $39.99
200774 Stuart Z-Butt Adapters $45.99
200775 Stuart Z-Butt Adapters $49.99
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Stuart Z-Butt Adapters
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