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Tournament Cable 3D Stick Baits

Tournament Cable 3D Stick Baits

Tournament Cable 3D Stick Baits are 1/8th inch and are able to be trolled at much higher speeds than 4kts. and are also available in colors and fluorescent options. These holographic baits will hold up much better and longer than any thin strip and they will NOT peel off.

Rigged on Dredge Teaser and Splash/Bar surface Teasers, these baits have proven to be the best artificial there is and far better than any flimsy strips, including ours. Easy to troll and even easier to stow they provide a great presentation when trolling for just about any species you're after.

Each are rigged individually to each other with 103lb test mono which provides action that no strip can offer. This connection also makes it much easier and less expensive to replace baits as needed. Unlike the strips you can change one or as many baits as needed, quickly and easily.

And when finished for the day, just clean, rinse and fold them up. No other teaser with so many baits will stow as neatly as 3D Stick Baits.

This product either has been deleted or is no longer carried by Melton Tackle
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