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Tournament Cable Spreader Bars
36" Titanium Spreader Bar - Medium
30" Titanium Spreader Bar - Heavy

Tournament Cable Spreader Bars

Tournament Cable Titanium Bars and Splash Bars have become some of the most consistent fish raising and catching lures you can pull behind your boat. Once a secret of the Northeast Tuna Fleets, the success of Spreader Bars has become very well known recently and their use has spread like "wild fire". Tournament Cable offers anglers a variety of these proven fish catchers, while at the same time offering their remarkable Splash Bars...a new twist to this proven fish catching tactic. The Splash Bar is a unique combination of high-tech titanium Spreader Bars and Trolling Birds. The bars are secured in the bird at a pre-determined location that ensures exact balance and performance resulting in a one unit Spreader Bar/Teaser that performs and produces like nothing else available on the market today. The Trolling Bird keeps the bar out of the water and ensures that it runs perfectly straight. Can be run 3 - 14+ knots from an position in your pattern.

898010 30" Titanium Spreader Bar - Medium No Preparado $29.99
898011 30" Titanium Spreader Bar - Heavy No Preparado $36.99
898012 36" Titanium Spreader Bar - Medium No Preparado $29.99
898013 36" Titanium Spreader Bar - Heavy No Preparado $36.99
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Tournament Cable Spreader Bars
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