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Tuf-Line Tuf-Leader

Tuf-Line Tuf-Leader

Tuf-Line Tuf-Leader is an advanced stainless steel leader designed for high abrasion conditions. TUF-Leader is manufactured with a unique tri-component process, incorporating T-304 extruded stainless steel around a Spectra fiber core to ensure the highest possible knot strength and durability. The 16-carrier braid construction ensures the smallest possible diameter coupled with a super smooth exterior feel.

Engineered and designed specifically for "toothy fish", TUF-Leader eliminates common issues associated with steel leader materials. TUF-Leader's unique construction allows the leader to be knotted with standard knots rather than using traditional crimping techniques associated with stranded wire. Whether tying an Albright or Palomar knot, the knots cinch down cleanly and with little effort. TUF-Leader is the first braided tie-able stainless leader on the market.

CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Diameter Diámetro Longitud de Líder Pound Test PRECIO CANTIDAD
714698 Tuf-Line Tuf-Leader .509mm .020 in. 5 yds. 20 lb. $4.99
714699 Tuf-Line Tuf-Leader .814mm .032 in. 5 yds. 50 lb. $5.99
714700 Tuf-Line Tuf-Leader 1.399mm .055 in. 5 yds. 100 lb. $6.99
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Tuf-Line Tuf-Leader
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