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Yeti Sportsman's Decals
Yeti Sportsman's Decal
Yeti Sportsman's Decal
Yeti Sportsman's Decal

Yeti Sportsman's Decals

Yeti Sportsman's Decals are a reat way to show your YETI pride. Looks great on the boat, truck, SUV, and anywhere else! All decals measure approximately 7” x 3”.

Application Instructions:
1) Clean surface with window cleaner, denatured alcohol, or soap and water.
2) Allow surface to completely dry before application.
3) A. Begin peeling the blue paper backing from one corner.
B. To ensure the sticker remains on the clear transfer paper, hold down the corner of the transfer paper with one finger on a flat surface.
C. Carefully pull the blue paper backing 180 degrees from the corner like peeling a banana until it is completely removed.
4) A. Position the sticker on the surface and adhere one edge of the sticker to the surface.
B. Smooth over the decal using a credit card and be sure to gently force out any air bubbles under the surface as they occur.
5) Leave decal to adhere for 5 minutes; this step is VERY IMPORTANT.
6) Peel back application tape VERY SLOWLY again at a 180 degree angle like peeling a banana.

772179 Yeti Sportsman's Decal Marlin $4.99
772180 Yeti Sportsman's Decal Atún $4.99
772181 Yeti Sportsman's Decal Dorado $4.99
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Yeti Sportsman's Decals
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