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AFTCO Great Barrier Reef

AFTCO Great Barrier Reef "GBR" Harness

The AFTCO Great Barrier Reef "GBR" Chair Harness was designed in conjunction with IGFA Hall of Fame Captain Peter B. Wright and the seasoned design engineers at AFTCO. The AFTCO GBR Chair Harness is the ultimate tool for applying maximum amounts of drag pressure when fighting giant gamefish from the fighting chair. The AFTCO GBR Harness is designed to be used with the “stiff-legged” technique using 80lb.+ tackle. The shell of the AFTCO Great Barrier Reef Harness is constructed of vacuum-bagged epoxy and carbon fiber, while the interior padding is the finest closed-cell foam with heavy duty Spandura covering. The trim, beading and zippers are all constructed of the finest marine-grade materials available, ensuring years of trouble free service with minimum care. All stitching on each harness is done individually, and one at a time. The 2” adjusting straps are jacquard-woven nylon web with knitted in numbers for individual sizing to multiple anglers. The 2” ladder-locks, spring-swivel reel lug attachment snaps, and the window bezel are all the finest grade of 316-marine stainless steel…the best available!

All of the stainless can be lightly waxed on an annual basis, and the vinyl and Spandura can be hand washed with mild soap, if needed. If you wish to replace the AFTCO logo on the nameplate, the harness can be disassembled by removing the 11- #8 SS screws from the bezel and unzipping the cover on the bottom of the harness. The interior shell can then be removed for custom painting of the name plate. Assemble and re-tighten all of the bezel hardware when the custom logo paint or vinyl is completed.

661526 AFTCO "GBR" Bucket Harness 2” adj. straps to fit multiple anglers $449.99
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AFTCO Great Barrier Reef "GBR" Harness
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