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AFTCO Unibutts

AFTCO Unibutts

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Formed from the finest marine alloy using AFTCO's unique "swaging" process, the ONE-PIECE Unibutt aluminum butt and reel seat is "unitized" for maximum strength and minimum weight. The aligning pin-plug, gimbal and fixed hook are locked in permanent alignment so that gimbal, reel and rod guides always line up perfectly. The ferrules are precision-machined to ensure complete interchangeability of rod tip sections, and an "O" ring on the ferrule prevents corrosion between ferrule and reel seat. A Teflon ring inside the collet nut assures a snug fit, prevents galling, and allows easy removal of the nut. Stronger, lighter, and simpler, AFTCO Unibutts are available in Silver, Black, and Black/Gold anodized finishes. AFTCO Unibutts are standard among big game offshore fisherman. Available in either standard chair tackle lengths, or in short models built for stand-up angling.

234820 AFTCO UB1 Unibutt 20-30 lb. Long Straight Butt
234818 AFTCO UB1S Unibutt 20-30 lb. Short Straight Butt
234824 AFTCO UB2 Unibutt 30-50 lb. Long Straight Butt
234822 AFTCO UB2S Unibutt 30-50 lb. Short Straight Butt
234826 AFTCO UB2SC Unibutt 30-50 lb. Short Curved Butt
234828 AFTCO UB2C Unibutt 30-50 lb. Long Curved Butt
234830 AFTCO UB4 Unibutt 80 lb. Long Straight Butt
005187 AFTCO UB4SC Unibutt 80 lb. Short Curved Butt
234832 AFTCO UB4C Unibutt 80 lb. Long Curved Butt
234834 AFTCO UB6 Unibutt 130 lb. Long Straight Butt
234836 AFTCO UB6C Unibutt 130 lb. Long Curved Butt
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AFTCO Unibutts
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