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Avet HX Magic Cast Reels

Avet HX Magic Cast Reels

The Avet HX (Hoo-X) Magic Cast Series Reels feature the MC (magnetic) cast control which allows for control of spool speed for more manageable casts in varying conditions. The Magic Cast patent pending design also provides a tight firm line and prevents from backlash.

Avet HX (Hoo-X) Reels will prove to be one of the most popular reels Avet has ever made. Avet HX/2 Reels feature a 2 speed gearbox for quick line pick up and low-end cranking power. Avet HX Reels are extremely versatile, perfectly suited for vertical jigging, trolling and casting. With 22 lbs. of drag at strike and 28 lbs. at full, this reel is perfectly suited to mono/spectra top shots. Each reel comes with reel clamps and harness lugs (excluding the HXJ, which does not have harness lugs).

HX 5/2 Magic Cast is the Two Speed version of the HX 5/01, giving you the high speed gear for line capacity and the low speed gear for more control of your line retrieval rate for the power to turn big fish.

HXJ 5/2 Magic Cast Two Speed is the narrowest of this series used for jigging and casting. The narrow width of this reel makes it easy to thumb spool allowing for easy castability and line control.


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#890769 - Melton Custom CBG 700M 3050 Calstar Graphiter Jig & Heavy Bait Rod, very lightweight, yet has amazing recoil and lifting power. A perfect stand-up combo for live bait and jigging, this combo will put you on top of your game!

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CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Peso Retrieve Gear ratio Max drag Color de marco PRECIO CANTIDAD
503375 Avet HXJ 5/2 Magic Cast Two Speed Reel 26.0 oz. Right-Hand
High: 5.4:1
Low: 2.4:1
Full: 27 lb.
Strike: 21 lb.
Negro $405.99 $365.99
Capacidad de Liñea-Monofilamento: 270 yds./40 lb., 200 yds./50 lb., 170 yds./60 lb.
Line spooling options:
503143 Avet HX 5/2 Magic Cast Two Speed Reel 26.0 oz. Right-Hand
High: 5.4:1
Low: 2.4:1
Full: 28 lb.
Strike: 22 lb.
$449.99 $404.99
Capacidad de Liñea-Monofilamento: 380 yds./40 lb., 280 yds./50 lb., 240 yds./60 lb.
Line spooling options:
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Avet HX Magic Cast Reels
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