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Baitmasters Ballyhoo Cases

Baitmasters Ballyhoo Cases

Baitmasters offers only the highest quality bait available. These baits consistently out-perform others due to superior processing, packaging, and rigging techniques. All bait is brined, blast frozen and vacuum packed for uncompromised quality. Ballyhoo sizes: Medium - 8"-9", Select - 9"-10", and Horse - 10"-11" (Items w/asterisks indicate Tournament Approved). Please note that all bait orders are subject to availability/seasonality and will incure additional freight/handling charges (All bait is shipped FED-EX Priority O/Night, w/dry ice in a special cooler box). All Bait orders are processed within 48 hrs. Please call us directly if you have specific questions re: Freight charges, bait availability, or delivery options/special requirements. Minimum freight charge on bait will be $50. Our Contact number is as follows: 800-372-3474. Or you may contact: info@meltontackle.com.

Ground shipping now available, ONLY for the following states: FL, GA, SC, TN, KY, WV, LA, VA, MD, DE, NJ, CT, PA, RI, NH, VT, ME & MI.

Please note: Bait availability can change from day to day. Prices shown are for drop-ship orders and will incur additional shipping and handling fees for dry ice and cooler, charges may vary. Shipped only within the Continental United States.

480190 Ballyhoo Dredge Kit - 32" 6-Arm Dredge w/13 Chin Weighted Bally 1 Rigged $89.99
480111 Medium 10-12 Pks/Case Unrigged $180.99
480121 Select 16-5 Pks/Case Unrigged $144.00
480181 Super Select - Sgl Hook w/10' 150 lb. Mono Leader 36-1 Pk/Case Rigged $324.00
480131 Horse 30-2 Pks/Case Unrigged $300.00
480209 White Marlin Spcl - Sgl Hook w/10' 100 lb. Mono Leader 24-3 Pks/Case Rigged $330.99
480141 Med - Sgl Hook w/6' of Wire 24-3 Pks/Case Rigged $324.99
480151 Med - Dbl Hook w/6' of Wire 24-3 Pks/Case Rigged $330.99
480126 *Select EC L2004ELM 10/0 Circle Hook & 10' of 150 lb. Mono Lead 36-1 Pk/Case Rigged $342.00
480191 Medium Ballyhoo - XX-Hook 7/0 Mustad 3407DT 24-3 Pks/Case Rigged $299.99
480161 Wahoo Spcl - Dbl Hook w/10' Wire Leader 36-1 Pk/Case Rigged $342.00
480171 Marlin Spcl - Dbl Hook w/15' 400 lb. Mono Leader 36-1 Pk/Case Rigged $466.20
480116 *Med EC L2004ELM 8/0 Circle Hook & 10' of 100 lb. Mono Leader 24-3 Pks/Case Rigged $360.00
480136 *Horse EC L2045 18/0 Circle Hook & 15' of 400 lb. Mono Leader 36-1 Pks/Case Rigged $486.00
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Baitmasters Ballyhoo Cases
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