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Battlewagon Bucket

Battlewagon Bucket

The Battlewagon Bucket allows a rope handle to be used with premium 5 gallon buckets with no holes or other modifications. The large diameter rope is easy on the hands and offers a superior grip with wet or slimy hands. The White Battlewagon Buckets are made from thicker 90 mil material by one of the largest and oldest container manufacturers here in the U.S. These features make the "Battlewagon Bucket" a superior boat bucket. We also offer a 70 mil version bucket in Black. These are great for engine room applications and will hide dirt and smudges. You may also know that live bait just seems to stay a lot calmer and last longer in a Black bucket. The Battlewagon Bucket is proudly made in the United States.

All rope handles are 100% Nylon (made in the U.S.A.), the black rope handle is color fast (it won’t bleed!).

401500 Battlewagon Bucket Black Bucket/Black Handle $24.99
401501 Battlewagon Bucket White Bucket/Black Handle $24.99
401502 Battlewagon Bucket White Bucket/White Handle $24.99
401503 Battlewagon Bucket Lid Negro $4.99
401504 Battlewagon Bucket Lid Blanco $4.99
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Battlewagon Bucket
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