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Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braided Line

Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braided Line

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Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braided Line is designed for deep drop fishing with Dendoh Style power assist reels. Eight woven braids make it super-strong, yet one of the finest diameter braids available, less affected by currents for a straighter, more accurate drop. Its smooth surface means less friction and noise from guides on the retrieve. Color changes every ten meters, with five and one meter indicators, shows depth and line movement. Coded for quick programming into Dendoh reel memory for maximum readout accuracy. Color changes every ten meters. "JUST FIT PACKS" perfectly fill your Dendoh power assist reel (except MP3000). Entering the line's "Dendoh Code" into memory automatically registers line diameter and length for maximum readout accuracy. Color changes every ten meters.

245510 Saltiga Boat "Just Fit Packs" 55 lb. 300M Reel SB3000FB $39.99
245511 Saltiga Boat "Just Fit Packs" 80 lb. 300M Reel SB5000FE $49.99
245512 Saltiga Boat "Just Fit Packs" 150 lb. 500M Reel TB1000 $99.99
245500 Saltiga Boat Braided Line 40 lb. 1800M -- $249.99
245501 Saltiga Boat Braided Line 55 lb. 1800M -- $249.99
245502 Saltiga Boat Braided Line 70 lb. 1800M -- $269.99
245503 Saltiga Boat Braided Line 80 lb. 1800M -- $289.99
245504 Saltiga Boat Braided Line 100 lb. 1800M -- $309.99
245505 Saltiga Boat Braided Line 120 lb. 1800M -- $339.99
245506 Saltiga Boat Braided Line 150 lb. 1800M -- $379.99
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Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braided Line
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