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Fujinon Stabiscope

Fujinon Stabiscope

The world’s most advanced internal gyro-stabilized binoculars! The trouble with high powered binoculars is that they magnify everything…even the slightest motions like normal hand tremors associated with holding binoculars up to your eyes. The higher the power, the more magnified the movement. This is bad enough when the observer is standing on solid ground, but add to this the constant motion of rocking boat, speeding car or an airplane, and the problem becomes worse exponentially. Pioneering the concept of a high powered binocular with an internal gyro stabilizing system, Fujinon stabilized the optics inside the binocular, not the entire unit. Just as a gimbaled lamp or compass stays level in rocky seas, so do the internal workings of the Stabiscope. Used by the most discriminating anglers around the world, the 100% waterproof Stabiscope locks onto your target giving you a stable field of vision no matter how rough the seas. Available in 2 magnifications (12x40 or 16x40), the Stabiscope operates on either, the supplied DC regulator, or 4 AA batteries. Comes standard with neck strap, hand strap, heavy duty carrying & storage case, and operating manual.

888801 Fujinon Stabiscope 12x40 $5299.99
888802 Fujinon Stabiscope 16x40 $5499.99
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Fujinon Stabiscope
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