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Hays Handle

Hays Handle

Developed and Designed by World Famous Marlin Captain Roddy Hays, the Hays Handle comprises a one-piece moulded (not welded) aluminum handle designed to be slid onto any popular make of bent-butt and then fastened securely to it, below and adjacent to the reel, thus allowing the angler or crewman to grasp the complete outfit securely at the central pivotal point of balance, both vertically and horizontally. The Hays Handle alleviates the need for excessive strength and seasoned co-ordination when picking a rod up out of the covering board or other rod holder, even with 50 lbs. of drag or more at the reel. Anyone, especially ladies, small adults and the physically challenged can now pick up a trolling outfit without fear of the reel's weight turning the rod over, or of losing their entire grip on the bent-butt if hands or butts should be slippery or wet. Indeed, if you are a professional deckhand or seasoned angler, this device will make your life in the cockpit a pleasure! The Hays Handle conforms to IGFA regulations and can be used with any make of reel, including those fitted with braces.

201050 Insert Only 50 lb. UB-2 $19.99
201080 Insert Only 80 lb. UB-4 $19.99
201130 Insert Only 130 lb. UB-6 $19.99
201280 Insert Only 80 lb. Storabutt-4 $19.99
201230 Insert Only 130 lb. Storabutt-6 $19.99
200050 Hays Handle 50 lb. UB-2 $79.99
200080 Hays Handle 80 lb. UB-4 $79.99
200130 Hays Handle 130 lb. UB-6 $79.99
200280 Hays Handle 80 lb. Storabutt-4 $79.99
200230 Hays Handle 130 lb. Storabutt-6 $79.99
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Hays Handle
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