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McMurdo Smartfind and Smartfind Plus

McMurdo Smartfind and Smartfind Plus

Designed to meet the safety demands of the offshore boater, the McMurdo Smartfind Plus G5 406 MHz EPIRB was designed to be the only rescue beacon you will ever need. The Smartfind Plus G5 has all the advanced features of the standard Smartfind G5 with the integral 12 channel GPS receiver. The addition of a GPS receiver ensures exact positioning of a casualty is relayed to the rescue services. This will speed the recovery by updating the position of the beacon at regular intervals. Smartfind EPIRBs are programmed with a unique serial number which must be registered with the national authorities. Where permitted by these authorities, beacons can be reprogrammed with the vessel's MMSI or Radio Call Sign. 6 year warranty, 6 year battery life.

620022 EPIRB Smartfind Manual Category II Manually Deployable $549.99
620023 EPIRB Smartfind Auto Category I Automatically Deployable $649.99
620020 Smartfind Plus G5 406 GPS MHz EPIRB Category II Manually Deploy $849.99
620021 EPIRB Smartfind G5/GPS Auto Category I Automatically Deployable $999.99
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McMurdo Smartfind and Smartfind Plus
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