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Melton Tackle Custom Camera Mount

Melton Tackle Custom Camera Mount

The Melton Tackle Custom Camera Mount allows anglers to capture all the action, no matter how fast and furious. The super clamp mounts to any sized railing and holds your video camera steady. To aim the camera, simply grasp the grip action handle, find the action in your view finder (the head has a full range of motion), and upon releasing the grip, the camera will lock into place. This frees up the cameraman to concentrate on backing the boat down, wiring the fish, or aiding a novice angler in their fight. Don't miss any of the action! Made of marine quality hardware (Camera or camera casing not included).

*New for 2009 Super Deluxe Model! Take the versatility of a ball head, add true ergonomic control and you get the NEW, Super Deluxe Camera Mount! Thanks to the revolutionary design of its grip handle, you now can have a low working height and high load capacity. Easy and intuitive to use. Don't miss any of the action! (Camera or camera casing not included.)

This product either has been deleted or is no longer carried by Melton Tackle
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