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Melton Tackle Mini Tuna Lifter Stand-Up Rods

Melton Tackle Mini Tuna Lifter Stand-Up Rods

Most good anglers have a quiver of fishing rods, however not many have a fun little stick like this one! Melton Tackle Mini Tuna Lifter Stand-Up Rods are not a novelty item, or a toy. They are functional short stroking tuna rods that can easily handle 15 lbs. of drag or max. drag on 50 lb. line. Don’t kid yourself, this is a serious fish fighting tool, capable of landing tuna over 100 lbs. It is built on a rugged E-Glass blank, triple wrapped in black, metallic blue and gold threads. The roller guides and top are the popular Aftco Lightweight Series. The rod has a holographic Tuna label and wrappings are triple coated with a beautiful epoxy finish. The handle is fitted with a heavy-duty Fuji DPSH reel seat, smoothly sanded genuine Hypalon grips and a Fuji gimbal and protective cap. Perfect for youngsters and lady anglers that cannot pull on full sized stand-up tuna rods, kayak fishing, drop back fishing, or those outrageous stops when you just get tired and want to pull the lips off school tuna without hurting your back and arms. You can perfectly pair up with an Avet JX, or MX, 2 speed lever drag reel and 30-50 lb. test line.

CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Longitud de Caña Clasificación de Liñea Rod Color PRECIO CANTIDAD
890644 Melton Tackle Mini Tuna Lifter MTL2030-LAR Stand-Up Rod 4' 20-30 lb. $249.99
890645 Melton Tackle Mini Tuna Lifter MTL3050-LAR Stand-Up Rod 4' 30-50 lb. $249.99
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Melton Tackle Mini Tuna Lifter Stand-Up Rods
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