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Melton Tackle Offshore Popping Spinning Rods

Melton Tackle Offshore Popping Spinning Rods

After several years and countless iterations of trying to produce the perfect popping rod, the shining result is the Melton Tackle MOP Series of Popping Rods. Perfectly balanced and refined, these rods are ultra lightweight, fiercely strong and built to withstand prolonged battles with some of the baddest fish in the ocean. These are pure bred popping rods, offering fantastic casting ability and parabolic action, putting immense pressure on the fish, not the angler.

Melton Popping Rods start with a super composite Japanese blank that combines s-glass and thirty ton carbon integration. Fuji K-Concept SIC guides provide the best performance of any ringed guide on the market today and their forward facing shape eliminates wind knots that tend to occur when fishing braided line with offshore spinning gear. All guides are triple wrapped. Specially formed EVA grips are lightweight and supple, providing ample hand cushioning during battle, unlike many other rods that we tested. Custom matching hardware was produced and anodized specifically for this series and complete the look.

Features include: Two Piece (detachable Handle) splitting at the handle these 2 piece rods offer the strongest connection in a 2 piece design, Fuji "K-Series" Silicon Carbide (SIC) Guides offer the most advanced design available. With a 30 degree double slopping ring and frame, these guides eliminate line tangles, allow for greater casting distance and rod sensitivity by reducing the number of reduction guides and adding more smaller running guides, Fuji DPSD Long Nut Reel Seats with Aluminum Nut Stop, Custom Shaped EVA Grips, Custom Machined Aluminum Trim Rings, Fuji Graphite Gimbals with removable rubber cap, Triple Wrapped in Black, Silver, and Metallic Blue Threads.

CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Longitud de Caña Clasificación de Liñea Tipo de Guía PRECIO CANTIDAD
946200 Melton Tackle Offshore Popping MOP 710-2040-S Spinning Rod 7'10" 20-40 lb. Fuji "K Concept" (SIC) Guides $499.99
946203 Melton Tackle Offshore Popping MOP 80-4060-S Spinning Rod 8' 40-60 lb. Fuji "K Concept" (SIC) Guides $549.99
946204 Melton Tackle Offshore Popping MOP 80-6080-S Spinning Rod 8' 60-80 lb. Fuji "K Concept" (SIC) Guides $549.99
946205 Melton Tackle Offshore Popping MOP 80-80100-S Spinning Rod 8' 80-100 lb. Fuji "K Concept" (SIC) Guides $599.99
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Melton Tackle Offshore Popping Spinning Rods
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