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Pakula 402J2 Stainless Steel Hooks

Pakula 402J2 Stainless Steel Hooks

Dojo Hooks are custom made specifically for Pakula Tackle Australia. The hooks are double ground pre-sharpened, made in Korea using high strength 402J2 Stainless Steel. Dojo Hooks are very short hook with a wide gape and turned in beak point shaped to maximize hook up rates. All Pakula Dojo Peche Lures will come pre-rigged with Dojo Hooks. These hooks and shackles will also be available in separate packs as will shackle rigs for all skirted lure sizes. To minimize confusion with hook sizes Dojo hooks will be sized in packs according to their gape. This is a useful method to choose the right sized hook. For a skirted lure, the hook gape should equal the lure head diameter. Dojo Hooks will be ideal for live baiting, as a jig assist hook and most applications requiring a great hook up rate using a strong sharp hook.

CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Artículos de Paquete Tamaño de Anzuelo Tipo de Anzuelo Modelo PRECIO CANTIDAD
879359 Pakula 402J2 Stainless Steel Extra Strong Hooks 4 25mm Anzuelo J DHX25 $14.99
879360 Pakula 402J2 Stainless Steel Exta Strong Hooks 4 30mm Anzuelo J DHX30 $18.99
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Pakula 402J2 Stainless Steel Hooks
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