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Penn International VSX Silver Reels

Penn International VSX Silver Reels

Penn International VSX Reels are constructed to achieve the extreme drag ranges expected by anglers fishing with super-braids. Unlike other products that advertise their high-potential drag settings but fail to inform you that these drag settings result in drag curves that are anything but angler friendly, losing fish as a result of popped lines and pulled hooks. Penn International VSX Reels have been engineered to achieve these extreme drag settings while maintaining an appropriate and smooth drag curve throughout the entire range of the drag-lever. Simply put, Penn International VSX Reels display Penn Engineering at its finest.

Features include: Full metal body, one-piece machined aluminum frame and side-plates for the ultimate in gear alignment, Push-To-Turn preset knob keeps the drag where it needs to be, Ratcheted lever prevents "drag creep" caused by hours of trolling and vibrations, Dura-Drag washers virtually eliminate hesitation, even under extreme drag settings, Braid-Ready to handle the strain that braided lines put on a reel, Four ball bearings for smooth performance in salt water, and Unmatched cranking power for landing big fish. Proudly made in the USA.

CÓDIGO NOMBRE DEL ARTÍCULO Peso Topless Frame Detalles Gear ratio Max drag Line / crank Color de marco PRECIO CANTIDAD
839549S Penn International 12VSX Reel 33.0 oz. Yes 4 Bearings
High: 5.0:1
Low: 2.5:1
Strike: 36 lb.
High: 38"
Low: 19""
Plata $529.99
Capacidad de Liñea-Monofilamento: 360 yds./30 lb., 300 yds./40 lb., 220 yds./50 lb.
Capacidad de Liñea: 750 yds./50 lb., 625 yds./65 lb., 525 yds./80 lb. w/ 50 yds./60 lb. Mono Topshot
Line spooling options:
511017S Penn International 16VSX Reel 41.0 oz. Yes 4 Bearings
High: 4.3:1
Low: 1.7:1
Strike: 42 lb.
High: 36"
Low: 15""
Plata $549.99
Capacidad de Liñea-Monofilamento: 1075 yds./16 lb., 700 yds./20 lb., 480 yds./30 lb.
Capacidad de Liñea: 825 yds./65 lb., 700 yds./80 lb., 600 yds./100 lb.
Line spooling options:
511020S Penn International 30VSX Reel 60.0 oz. Yes 4 Bearings
High: 3.8:1
Low: 1.6:1
Strike: 50 lb.
High: 37"
Low: 15""
Plata $599.99
Capacidad de Liñea-Monofilamento: 525 yds./30 lb., 320 yds./50 lb., 280 yds./60 lb.
Capacidad de Liñea: 775 yds./80 lb., 650 yds./100 lb., 550 yds./130 lb.
Line spooling options:
511021S Penn International 50VSX Reel 76.0 oz. Yes 4 Bearings
High: 3.1:1
Low: 1.3:1
Strike: 56 lb.
High: 34"
Low: 14""
Plata $649.99
Capacidad de Liñea-Monofilamento: 550 yds./50 lb., 440 yds./60 lb., 330 yds./80 lb.
Capacidad de Liñea: 875 yds./130 lb., 775 yds./150 lb., 650 yds./200 lb.
Line spooling options:
511022S Penn International 130VSX Reel 176.0 oz. No 6 Bearings
High: 2.2:1
Low: 1.2:1
Strike: 100 lb.
High: 38"
Low: 21""
Plata $1299.99
Capacidad de Liñea-Monofilamento: 975 yds./130 lb., 850 yds./150 lb., 525 yds./200 lb.
Capacidad de Liñea: 3650 yds./150 lb., 2975 yds./200 lb., 2475 yds./250 lb.
Line spooling options:
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