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AFTCO Maxforce II Ultimate Shoulder Harness

AFTCO Maxforce II Ultimate Shoulder Harness

The AFTCO Maxforce Shoulder Harness is widely considered finest shoulder harness on the market today. The AFTCO Shoulder Harness is ideal for light tackle situations up to 50 lb. line when a traditional stand-up harness is simply overkill.

Looking to conquer huge fish on spinning tackle? No problem. Combine the AFTCO Maxforce Shoulder Harness with the AFTCO Fighting Harness Spin Strap along with an AFTCO Maxforce Belt and you have the most potent stand-up spinning fighting system known to man.

The four stainless steel ladder-locks are easily adjustable for the perfect fit, even when under the load, and the pure brass cross-lock clips provide a secure attachment to reel harness lugs. Extreme durability and the AFTCO Shoulder Harness is completely synthetic and machine washable.

Product reviews

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  Aftco Shoulder Harness Juhk
Submitted by Maek from Kona Hawaii on 07/22/14
This harness is a joke... Do not buy this. It is some china knock off. I bought 2 for my boat. they are a poor design at best. They don't fit anyone right. . A waste of $150.00. Melton should really drop this item.
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