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Anchor Saver

Anchor Saver

Anchor Saver saves your stuck anchor! The release pin is designed to break under pressure and enables the anchor to be backed out of the obstruction. Anchor Saver works with the Delta, Claw, Danforth, Fortress and Navy anchors to mention a few...Machined in Stainless Steel. Made in the USA.

Product reviews

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  Great product!
Submitted by David Brackmann from Cabo San Lucas, MX and Huntington Beach, CA on 09/09/14
This is an excellent product to be used on your "Bruce" style anchors to allow an easy retrieval of a stuck anchor. It is far superior and consistent in allowing a break away system to retrieve a stuck anchor as opposed to using bailing wire and or zip ties as a break away. Easy to use and easy to replace the break away pin after retrieval of a stuck anchor. This product has saved our anchors, chain and rode a number of times over the years. I am using this currently on four of our boats with no issues. I consider it a must as part of an anchor system!

David Brackmann
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