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Black Bart Pa'a Hooks

Black Bart Pa'a Hooks

Black Bart Pa'a Hooks are quality handmade stainless steel construction, sharp out of the box! Featuring a "conical point" for better penetration with a slight "hawks bill", slender barb, very strong. Excellent weight for that perfect balance and needle eye for smooth transition from leader to hook. I am "finally" happy with this old, newly updated concept and I know you will be too!

Product reviews

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  Superior hook Set
Submitted by Alex Rogers from Cabo San Lucas MX, Protocol Sportfishing on 01/31/16
Certified member, Verified buyer
I mad the switch to these last year and have had nothing but great success, The Barb is small enough yet very sticky. has no issue penetrating the bill. The eye is small and not bulky, makes it nice when heat shrinking. no need to use the big shrink tubing to fit over the eye just to have to to big for the shank. Also on a side note BEST HOOK ever for a cedar Plug!
  Pefect lure hook
Submitted by David Brackmann from Cabo San Lucas, MX on 12/01/15
Certified member
Great shape with point in line of the hook eye for a straight pull to drive the hook, Southern Tuna shape so once set it doesn't pull out and loops the jaw hinge or base of bill, needle eye for smooth connection of 900 lb. cable, small barb that needs no shaping, conical point that doesn't cut a larger hole. Hook drives through bone and bills on fish with no issues. Only complaint is hard to get out of a billfish once set - good problem to have and can be removed with a de-hooker rod easy enough. 8/0 size for striped marlin and 10/0 to 11/0 for blues and blacks. Superior hook for single hook rigging.

Dave Brackmann
Cabo San Lucas, MX
  Black Bart Paa Hooks
Submitted by Melton International Tackle from Anaheim, Ca on 04/17/15
Certified member
We have had nothing but positive responses with these hooks from our customers. All Black Part Packs are rigged with these hooks as well as every rigged lure that Bart sells....If there was an issue, we would have heard about it...Hook's are on the thinner side so I would assume that the hook up ration should be excellent.
  Fatal Flaw
Submitted by Mark from Hawaii on 03/15/15
Certified member, Verified buyer
These hooks have a fatal flaw. A notch on the inside before the barb with a lip so defined it will not penetrate bone. It is so deep it cannot be ground out.
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