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Duel Big Game Reels

Duel Big Game Reels

Duel's patented, automatic gearbox provides the angler with unmatched control. Sealed in an oil bath, the stainless gears require no maintenance what-so-ever. By simply reversing the rotation direction of the handle, a different gear ratio is engaged and therefore a different recovery speed. Clockwise, the handle gives a rapid recovery. Counter-clockwise, the recovery is slow but powerful. In every position the spool is always firm, without the paly and the "returns" typical of other systems. The Duel double speed gear mechanism is so unique it's patented. All Duel Reels feature a multiple disc clutch built of stainless steel and carbon fiber. This carbon figer construction guarantees uniformity of performance under extreme heat. The lever drag adjustment offers an infinite range of drag settings for precise accuracy. A unique stop pin also keeps the spool from being accidentally dropped into freespool, a valuable asset for anglers of all skill levels.

Product reviews

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Submitted by Bounsanong from AP, US on 12/03/14
Certified member, Verified buyer
I have the Duel 9W which was purchased a month ago. Have been tight onto some large wahoos and wow, the ability to switch from high gear to low gear is seamless. Though the reel is expensive, you are paying for top quality and I am glad I went with this choice. No regrets at all and in fact looking to purchase a smaller size to backup the 9W.
  No reason to look any further
Submitted by Jim H. from Hudson FL on 09/03/11
Certified member, Verified buyer
I own three Duel 2 speeds. a 2.5, a 4 w/s, and a 6 w/s. You get craftsmanship and mechanical ingenuity that would make Leonardo Davinci drool. You get a speed changing system that allows zero slack on the line. You get drags that can be adjusted to stop a 747 from taking off. You can spend less, but if you fish a lot, by the time you have replaced your thrid reel you could have bought two and a half of one of these. There is nothing out there that even comes close.
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