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Fin-Nor Santiago Reels

Fin-Nor Santiago Reels

Fin-Nor Santiago Reels feature the brute strength of a one-piece, fully machined aluminum frame supporting an aluminum spool. It's two speed, push-button and dial release shift system is supported by four ultra-smooth, ultra-strong, ceramic-hybrid ball bearings. Fin-Nor Santiago Reels are finished in Fin-Nor's classic gold anodized corrosion resistant finish with a custom engraveable Fin-Nor legacy side plate badge. Revolutionary in its design, Santiago's drag system is big enough, strong enough and smooth enough to fish IGFA-rated mono lines or the heaviest of braided lines. The water-resistant, multi-layer drag system features a durable, over-sized machined titanium drag plate working in conjunction with additional carbon fiber drag plates to create incredibly smooth, long-lasting drag performance specifically designed to handle strong, long-fighting fish. The Santiago's "Free" setting provides completely friction-less spooling with powerful drag at "Strike", and extra power at "Full".

Product reviews

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  solid reels
Submitted by fabian from so cal on 01/17/14
I bought 2 Santiago's last yr the 16 and the 25 reels are smooth a lil heavy compared to my avets.so I put these reels to the test on one of my cabo trips the reels performed flawlessly on my 16 I brought in 4 striped marlin averaging 120lbs the lil reel is a beast it dragged those Marlins In no problem on 65lb braid.i gave it a 4stars cause I dont no how the reels will hold up in the long run and line cap is a lil off.buy them you wont be disappointed
  nice reels powerful drags
Submitted by John F. from Long Beach CA, USA on 01/17/12
Certified member, Verified buyer
I just thought I would put in my 2 cents aout these reels.
Fit and finish is as good as any big gane reels on the market and the performance of the drags are awsome. Nice and smoooth, great drag curve. As advertised I checked my SA25 with a scale and set it for max drag at a little over 41 lbs and still had awsome free spool. As I used it, the drag got even better. Unlike my Peen International 50's and 30's that I had to send to Cals, these work great right out of the box. When I first unpacked the reel I put it in high and cranked it fast then pulled it to free spool and the spool continued to coast. Try that with a Penn out of the box. Built like a tank, nice and solid. I compaired these to my Avets and liked the finish of them more. All edges are debured and polished. Platting is awsome and durable. Eurgonomicaly the reels are user friendly and the handel is great. I would recomend them to anyone. Can't wait to get the 50.
I have had no problems with corrosion as montioned in a review prior to this posting. Keep in mind I see rust and crosion on my Peen Internationals if I do not properly clean off the salt after use. So take care of all takel reguaedless of who made it and it will will last a life time.
  Not what I expected
Submitted by Aksel from Australia on 01/01/12
Certified member, Verified buyer
I own a Santiago 12 and a 16 . Very happy with performance BUT VERY disoppointed with the RUST spots appearing on the lever drag lever as well as on the On/Off anti reverse shaft . This now seems to impede the actual opperation : stiff to operate on/ off . To my way of thinking , a better choice of material for these items - stainless steel - would have avoided this problem ?
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